Experience the Power of Ancient Ayurveda with Vedhascents’ Holy lama Naturals Premium Nalikera Shampoo – Infused with the Goodness of Coconut for Healthy, Glossy Locks.


Gently massage the scalp with Premium Nalikera Shampoo for 5 to 10 mins.
Wash Hair with warm water. Can repeat shampoo in case of Excess oil.

Frizzy & dry hair, you need a solution don't you?? Yes Holy lama Nalikera Shampoo by Vedhascents is the perfect answer to all the problems related dry & frizzy hair. Nalikera shampoo as the name suggests has coconut extracts that helps giving your hair smooth touch and glossy look, for silky smooth hair Nalikera shampoo is the best choice. Best partner for our bio hair oil, a must try combo.


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Holy Lama Naturals Premium Nalikera Shampoo

For Silky smooth Hair


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